This is not a real entry. This is not the entry you have been looking for. This is more or less a semi-service announcement post.

First, I’m looking for responses on this thread on the Forge. This is a thread regarding Cranium Rats and removing the kinks regarding hybridization of Story and Competition when it comes to Token economics. I feel this issue has much to do with CSI Games, so I turn to you for help.

Second, I just finished Mechanical Primum Mobile, it’s a small cute game about mechanical angels and the loss of humanity’s free will. A scene which is the basic unit of the game should take 5-15 minutes, the came is written on two pages and uses Blackjack as the basic resolution mechanic. It’s part of the “Technological Horror” Compact RPG challenge, give it a look.

Third, the CSI Game Logo voting ends in two days and it seems we won’t be getting new entries, so go off and vote, what are you waiting for?
Even if you have nothing to do with CSI Games, your vote and artistic taste are appreciated.

Fourth, I have a whole bunch of ideas waiting for me to get off my ass and post them here on this blog, but now that this blog has a basic amount of content, I’m curious what you, dear reader, would like to see written about?

Have fun at GenCon, anyone who’s going!

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3 comments on “Meta-entry.

  1. Matthijs says:

    On how mechanisms for competition can support play that makes stories that players enjoy.

  2. Guy Shalev says:

    It is my hope that each and every entry that deals with Mechanics(for example, the recent GM Component post) furthers this idea.

    I’m not sure I can tackle this idea in a post directly, because, this is the Big One, this is the question that most of this idea revolves on. How to make a viable hybrid systematically, IE, aim for it and achieve it, always.

    The next Component post, regarding Flags, should further this idea considerably.

  3. Guy Shalev says:

    Matthijs, how do you feel about writing said entry?

    As you may have noticed, I have a distinct lack of updates recently due to feeling tired all the time, so this is a great opportunity for you people to submit entries! :)

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