I’ll update the rest of it later, currently it’d pay to know that this is not a blog about the Crime Scene Investigation Games, but rather, CSI Games stands for Competitive (/cooperative) Interactive Story Games.

You can contact me here.

Also, I’m also looking for guest articles, especially on the following: Pieces, with 1-2k words as the optimal size, about the interaction of Story and Competition in games, bonus points if it’s in RPGs, also ok if it uses a specific game as an example.

This blog is about Competitive Story Interactive(tion) Games. Think of them as “Story Games” but with the added element of competition, between the players, which exists in the mechanics as well.

All posts are open to discussion, no matter how old they are. This is chiefly the reason that I am keeping all posts visible. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue seeing as it’s almost purely text.

Also, this blog is done in the manner of layers; newer posts build upon things written in the past, and as such, reading the blog in order (from bottom to top) is preferred, or at least within some of the more specific tags (for example, Blinders). I often link to direct antecedents, and they in turn may link to their direct antecedents.
As such, readers might want to look at the Post Index page, and see the progression, antecedents of interest, or just pick the interesting posts more easily.

2 comments on “About

  1. Callan says:

    Done any gaming recently, Guy? An actual play account is always a bit of semi easy content to add :)

  2. Guy Shalev says:

    Nope, afraid not.

    Should really look more seriously into Skype RP… Also, I’m unsure if this blog is the right space for pure AP, unless it’s meant to be used to discuss a relevant point.

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